Strands partners with credolab to make smart money management smarter

Strands and credolab provide a one-stop solution for banks looking to grow their top-line by helping people be smarter with their money. By embedding credolab’s solution into Strands’ Personal Finance Management (PFM) software, this partnership enables any bank to make better, more timely and relevant product recommendations. For the first time, banks are able to transform complex data into relevant customer insights with embedded risk assessment in real time.

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Why Should This Excite You?

Enhanced Customer Experience

Make better, more timely and relevant product recommendations to your customers.

Faster Decisions

Shorten the time-to-yes from days to less than 1 minute with creditworthiness done in real-time.

Agile and Ready to Scale

Feel the true power of an AI-driven solution combined with the embedded scoring technology to provide deeper and more accurate insights.

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